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Tuesday, September 26, 2017

Bushra Khanum hailing from splendid Valley of Ghizer.

I am Bushra Khanum hailing from splendid valley of Ghizer, Gilgit Baltistan. I was a bright student from the very start, that also got me in to the prestigious institute of Agha Khan Secondary School. But my education journey in Gilgit ended when I had to leave everything behind to pursue my dream of extraordinary education at very young age. I have been living in hostel for ten years now.
Sometimes it feels that life is taking a wrong turn. Everyone undergoes through this phase of life, so did I. I couldn’t accomplish my dream of becoming a doctor. I took admission in FJWU choosing Environmental Science as major. The vastness and broad disciplines that this field covers captivated my interest and I started loving what I was doing. One day everything made sense to me when I got the selection call to attend the renowned semester exchange program in United States of America and years and years of life’s struggle payed off.
It was not just a semester for me, but a life in a whole semester. It gave me opportunity to cherish the cultures, beauty, languages and diversity of the world. In simple words, it has changed me in every way possible. I feel more confident, ambitious and passionate. It has provoked in me the urge to move forward and believe that sky is not the limit and there are more mountains to climb.
The truth is you end up where you are meant to be and when you start believing on this thing everything will seem to connect. My aim is to return back to where I have come from and contribute my part to make my home (Gilgit Baltistan) glorious and strong.