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Thursday, February 15, 2018

Airblue is pleased to offer the following job openings


At Airblue, we're building an organization of employees who are highly accomplished, safety-minded, service-oriented, innovative, and driven to succeed.
Our employees are our most valuable assets. We recognize the importance of hiring a team with a diversity of ideas, experiences, and cultures that will allow us to consistently deliver superior service to our guests.

Airblue is pleased to offer the following job openings:
Department:Position:Location:Number of Openings:
Airport Operations Assistant Manager AirsideISB - Airport1
 Counselor - Terminal Customer ServicesISB - Airport4
 Assistant Manager - Terminal Customer ServicesKHI - Airport1
 Associate AirsideKHI - Airport1
 Counselor - Terminal Customer ServicesKHI - Airport2
 Manager AirsideKHI - Airport1
 Specialist AirsideKHI - Airport1
 Assistant Manager - Terminal Customer ServicesLHE - Airport1
 Assistant Manager AirsideLHE - Airport1
 Associate AirsideLHE - Airport1
 Counselor - Terminal Customer ServicesLHE - Airport1
 Assistant Manager AirsideMUX - Airport1
 Assistant Manager AirsidePEW - Airport1
 Counselor - Terminal Customer ServicesPEW - Airport1
 Manager AirsidePEW - Airport1
 Counselor - Terminal Customer ServicesSHJ - Airport1
Commercial Travel CounselorAUH- City office1
 Travel CounselorKHI - Airport1
 Travel CounselorKHI - City Office1
 Travel CounselorLHE - City Office1
 Travel CounselorLYP - City Office1
 Travel CounselorMUX - Airport1
Corporate Safety & Security General Manager Corporate Safety & SecurityISB - Corporate HQT1
Engineering Mechanic - AvionicsISB - Airport1
 Technician - AerospaceISB - Airport1
 General Manager EngineeringISB - Corporate HQT1
 Manager Planning and Production ControlKHI - Engineering Complex1
 Planning EngineerKHI - Engineering Complex1
 Aircraft Engineer - AerospacePEW - Airport1
 Aircraft Engineer - AvionicsPEW - Airport1
Finance Executive Budgeting & PlanningISB - Corporate HQT1
 Senior Executive PayablesISB - Corporate HQT1
Flight Operations Captain - TraineeISB - Airport1
 First OfficerISB - Airport1
 First Officer - TraineeISB - Airport1
 CaptainKHI - Airport2
 Captain - TraineeKHI - Airport1
 First OfficerKHI - Airport2
 First Officer - TraineeKHI - Airport2
 CaptainLHE - Airport1
 Captain - TraineeLHE - Airport1
 First OfficerLHE - Airport3
Flight Services Cabin Crew - TraineeISB - Airport10
 Cabin Crew - TraineeKHI - Airport4
 Lead Cabin CrewKHI - Airport1
 Cabin Crew - TraineeLHE - Airport5
 Cabin Crew - TraineeMUX - Airport6
 Lead Cabin CrewMUX - Airport1
 Cabin Crew - TraineePEW - Airport3
 Lead Cabin CrewPEW - Airport1
 Performance ExecutivePEW - Airport1
Internal Audit Executive Internal AuditISB - Corporate HQT2
Marketing Call Center CounselorISB - Call Center2
MIS Network EngineerISB - Airport1
 Network EngineerMUX - Airport1
 Network EngineerPEW - Airport1
Operations Flight SurgeonISB - Airport1
 Medical OfficerISB - Airport1
 Scheduling AssistantISB - Corporate HQT2
 Medical CoordinatorKHI - Airport1
Quality Assurance General StaffKHI - Airport1
Transport DriverISB - Corporate HQT5
 Shift SupervisorISB - Corporate HQT1
 Transport SupervisorISB - Corporate HQT1
 DriverLHE - Airport4
 DriverPEW - Airport1

Airblue is an equal opportunity employer.