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Monday, April 9, 2018

Current Vacancies.... University of Central Asia

List of current vacancies:
1 | Summer Upgrading Camp Director (Deadline: 12 Apr. 2018)
2 | University Librarian (Deadline: 15 Apr. 2018)
3 | Student Life Advisor (Deadline: 15 Apr. 2018)
4 | Maintenance Planner and Scheduler (Deadline: 15 Apr. 2018)
5 | Administrative Assistant (Deadline: 23 Apr. 2018)

6 | Kazakhstan Student Recruiter (Deadline: 14 May 2018)

Summer Upgrading Camp Director

Position: Summer Upgrading Camp Director
Department: School of Arts and Sciences
Duty station: Bishkek/Naryn, Kyrgyzstan
Deadline: 12 April 2018
This year, UCA is hosting its fourth Summer Upgrading Camp for 80 Grade 10 students from the Kyrgyz Republic, Kazakhstan and Tajikistan at its Naryn campus. During the camp, students will receive English language and Mathematics upgrading, as well as participate in a range of academic and non-academic sporting and recreational activities. The camp will be held at UCA Naryn Campus from Monday, July 2nd to Monday, July 16th.

The UCA Summer Upgrading Camp will be primarily academic in focus, with the majority of the participants’ day spent in English and Mathematics classes. The classes will last for two hours in the morning and two hours in the afternoon.

Main Duties and Responsibilities 
Prior to the Summer Upgrading Camp (May – June), the Summer Camp Director will be responsible for the following: 
  • Support in hiring and onboarding of International/Local Counsellors, Assistant Counsellors, and Teachers (specifically for Camp)
  • Prepare and Conduct Training sessions for the Summer Upgrading Camp Counsellor and Teacher team
  • Finalise the UCA Summer Upgrading Camp Evening Programme 2018 Manual
During the Summer Upgrading Camp (July), the Camp Director will be responsible for the following: 
  • Management of the Counsellor and Assistant Counsellor team
  • Oversight of UCA Summer Upgrading Camp Evening Programme Execution
  • Oversight of Camp Schedules (Classrooms, Sports and Evening Activity)
  • Responsibility for overseeing well-being of participants and team
  • Writing final report and turnkey manual
Required Qualifications and Experience 
  • Experience running a summer camp or a summer educational programme
  • Experience organizing and leading cultural events, talent shows, recreation group activities etc.
  • Experience managing a group of students from mixed cultural, social and educational backgrounds as well as students in high school
  • Experience running an upgrading educational programme or an English immersion programme would be desirable
  • Experience working in a team and supervising staff of 10-15 in youth-based programs
  • At least two years’ experience in a managerial position is preferred
  • Cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) and First Aid Certifications
  • Strong organisational ability, supervisory, communications and management skills
  • Ability to observe and assess staff and camp behavior, monitor safety regulations and emergency procedures.
  • A Bachelor’s Degree from an accredited institution.
The Camp Director will report to the Manager of Academic Operations.

Salary and International Package: Salary to attract the best candidate, transportation to/from Naryn and accommodation to be provided.

How to Apply
Please send a cover letter, CV, and contact information for three references to by April 12th 2018. As your application e-mail subject, please write: “UCA Summer Upgrading Camp Director”.

Only shortlisted candidates will be contacted.

University Librarian

Position: University Librarian
Department: School of Arts and Sciences
Duty station: Naryn, Kyrgyz Republic 
Deadline: 15 April 2018
Main Duties and Responsibilities
The University Librarian will enjoy faculty status in the School of Arts and Sciences. While the campuses are still in their foundational stages, the position offers exciting opportunities for leadership in building a strong base for the three campus libraries. This includes building the library teams’ professional expertise and ensuring that library policies and procedures are aligned to internationally recognised standards and follow best practice. The University Librarian will work closely with the faculty, analyse curricular offerings and lead on the provision of information and digital literacies and researcher development at UCA. 

The specific duties and responsibilities include the following: 
  • Develop, implement and monitor an integrated strategic operating plan for the three campus libraries to meet user needs aligned to the university’s mission.
  • Obtain an understanding of the teaching curriculum and research activities of the university and develop strong partnerships with the teaching, learning and research departments.
  • Develop the library collections and services to meet the teaching, learning and research needs of students and faculty.
  • Implement a user evaluation and feedback system to monitor the effectiveness of the library services and collections.
  • Ensure the library space is accessible and safe and can be utilized for multiple modes of learning and research.
  • Lead on developing open access research repositories for the university’s existing and future research outputs.
  • Plan and develop a conservation and preservation, as well as a marketing plan, for the libraries archives and special collections.
  • Work with the Aga Khan Development Network to ensure that the local collections are maintained and preserved for accessibility.
Required Qualifications and Experience  
  • Energetic and ambitious team player, with a knowledge of international library standards and best practice, who thrives in a challenging work environment.
  • A Master’s Degree in Library Science or Library and Information Science from an accredited institution or equivalent.
  • Experience of teaching undergraduate students and developing researchers in information and digital literacies.
  • Significant and varied experience working in multi-campus, academic libraries at a senior level.
  • Affiliations with library professional organizations and research output in library and information science.
  • Extensive knowledge of library management systems, preferably OCLC WMS.
  • Knowledge of emerging technologies used in libraries, including Springhare’s LibGuides.
  • Knowledge of and experience with outcomes and assessment of library services.
  • Excellent communication skills and a demonstrated ability to work well with others in a team environment.
  • Experience working in international educational institutions.
  • Advanced English.
  • Working knowledge of Russian would be an asset. 
The University Librarian will report to the Dean of Arts and Sciences.

The position will be based in Naryn, Kyrgyz Republic and would require regional travel. 

Salary and International Package
Commensurate with attracting the best candidate.

How to Apply
Please send a cover letter, CV, and contact information for three references to by April 15th 2018. In your application e-mail subject, please write: “University Librarian” and please indicate how you heard about this position. 

Only shortlisted candidates will be contacted.

Student Life Advisor

Position: Student Life Advisor
Department: School of Arts and Sciences (Student Affairs)
Duty station: Positions in Khorog,Tajikistan and Naryn, Kyrgyzstan
Deadline: 15 April 2018
UCA is seeking Student Life Advisors (SLA) who will help develop, coordinate, and maintain programmes within the residence hall with the aim of providing a positive intellectual, emotional, and social living environment for students. The SLA is a peer leader to students who supervises students living in UCA’s residence halls and is often the first point of contact for students with academic, institutional or personal questions. The main responsibility of the SLA is to provide support, encouragement, and leadership to his/her campus community and to help build a strong, welcoming, and inclusive residence community, while encouraging an immersive English language environment. 

The SLA will help to serve as a supportive and helpful resource, providing academic and personal advice and support to students. UCA SLAs will be responsible for the design and implementation of various programmatic that can be but are not limited to the following: (1) Athletics, Wellness, and Recreational Programmes; (2) Student Clubs and Student Leadership Programmes, and (3) Academic Support Programmes. All SLA’s will support Residence Life, live in the dormitories and will help to resolve and/or mediate roommate disputes; provide after-hours emergency assistance to residents; ensure adherence to the Residence Rules and Regulations; and assist with orientation of new residents. Student Life Advisors will be required to live in the dormitories of the UCA campus.

Main Duties and Responsibilities 

The Student Life Advisor’s duties may include, but are not limited to:

  • Provide meaningful, education, co-curricular, experiential, and social programming to support students' growth, development, and relationship building 
  • Lead in the implementation of all athletics (e.g. intramural sports, fitness programmes, etc.), student clubs (e.g. debate club, charity clubs, etc.), student leadership (e.g. student association), diversity and inclusion activities, and academic support programmes (e.g. tutoring programmes,) on campus 
  • Lead orientation programmes for first year students to ensure they are properly settled into campus life and are comfortable living away from home 
  • Offer programmes that orient students to the university resources available to them, and those that will help students find their niche in the wider campus community 
  • Assist with organizing building-wide events and floor events (e.g. floor dinners, hikes, etc.)
  • In some instances, support academic programmes; create diversity and inclusion programming that could include workshops or events
Rules and Policies  
  • Encourage an immersive English language environment, which will be critical for the success of students in UCA’s academic programmes 
  • Educate residents on the policies and procedures of Residential Life, Student Code of Conduct and the university overall 
  • Hold residents accountable for their behaviour 
  • Perform as a mediator in conflicts among residents and staff 
Facilities and Amenities  
  • Student Life Advisors are responsible for the following administrative and collateral tasks: 
  • Keeping track of resident occupancy 
  • Document policy violations 
  • Report maintenance and facility concerns and conduct health and safety inspections and dormitory walk-throughs
Student Liaison  
  • Assist residents in developing relationships with each other 
  • Promote student involvement in university activities and events 
  • Act as a positive role model for both fellow staff members and residents by not participating in questionable and unethical behaviours and by following the highest standards of personal conduct 
  • Counsel residents regarding personal and academic concerns 
  • Be visible, regularly available, and accessible to address residents' needs or concerns 
Academic Support  
  • Develop one-on-one relationships with students with the goal of helping them improve weaknesses Provide support related to study skills, research, quantitative reasoning, debate and argumentation, academic writing, test taking, IT literacy, etc. 
  • Develop learning plans for individual students 
Please note: The Student Life Advisor is required to live on campus in the dormitories and must be available to be on-call for multiple events two to three evenings/nights per week (Monday –Thursday), plus two weekends per month (Friday night through Sunday night).

Required Qualifications and Experience

Minimum Qualifications and Relevant Experience  
  • Bachelor’s Degree is required
  • At least two years of on campus living at a college or university 
  • At least two years’ experience tutoring students in upper years of high school or the first and second year of university 
  • Experience working with or leading one or more of the following programmes on campus:  Athletics Programmes, Student Clubs and/or Student Leadership Programmes, Academic Support Programmes 
  • Event planning and logistics experience is an asset 
  • Demonstrates sensitivity to and interest in people, neutrality, respect for dignity and open-mindedness on issues 
  • Have one to three years of experience working with students, in student services/government and/or residence life; experience as an RA or RD is preferred 
  • Self-disciplined; interested in people on an individual basis and aware of the feelings, needs, and rights of others; interested in group living and in promoting positive aspects of community life on the floor and in the hall as a whole 
  • Able and willing to fulfill all management functions; committed to student growth and the concept that residence halls can facilitate the educational and personal development of the residents; committed to developing and managing a team 
  • Having experience supervising lab exercises, or serving as a lab technician in an academic environmental would be an asset.
Desired Skills and Qualifications  
  • Strong IT skills 
  • Demonstrated initiative 
  • Event planning skills are highly valuable 
  • Passionate about the quality of life for all residents 
  • Approachable and accessible to residents 
  • Discreet, will respect confidentiality guidelines at all times, and has demonstrated tact, good judgment, maturity and a high level of conduct when dealing with others 
  • Good listener and possesses an ability to communicate effectively 
  • Effective in helping residents to understand/resolve their problems and will refer them to a professional resource/counsellor as needed 
  • Works well in a team setting 
  • Convey a positive attitude towards the SLA position and its duties and responsibilities. 
  • Advanced English is required. 
  • Fluency in Russian is strongly preferred. 
  • Knowledge of Kyrgyz, Tajik, and/or Kazakh would be an asset. 
How to Apply
Please send a cover letter, CV, and contact information for three references to by April 15th 2018. In your application e-mail subject line, please write: “Student Life Advisor”. Please indicate which campus location you are applying to in your email subject and cover letter. 

Only shortlisted candidates will be contacted. Starting date for the position will be August 1st 2018.

Maintenance Planner and Scheduler

Position: Maintenance Planner and Scheduler
Department: Operations
Duty station: Khorog, Tajikistan
Deadline: 15 April 2018
The Maintenance Planner/Scheduler is responsible to assist the facilities management team to coordinate preventative maintenance and repair activities of the facility (or facilities). They are expected to work directly with the Maintenance Supervisor and assist with administrative aspects of the Computerised Maintenance Management System (Asset Planner TM).

Main Duties and Responsibilities  
  • Perform administrative duties in the Computerised Maintenance Management  System (CMMS) which include to: Create new Service Requests (SR); Check completion of SR’s and closing completed SR’s and Preventative Maintenance (PM) Tasks; Input actual costs for completed PM tasks and SR’s;
  • Assist Maintenance Supervisor with assigning Project Management (PM) and SR work to maintenance staff;
  • Ensure scheduled PM tasks and SR’s assigned to staff are being completed in a timely manner;
  • Support developing of Annual Maintenance Budget;
  • Monitor and coordinate service (maintenance) agreements with outsourced companies if needed;
  • Obtain budget approvals for new Service Requests from the Facilities Manager, as required;
  • Control inventory of parts and coordinate part orders;
  • Contact and schedule maintenance for work that is being completed by external Service Providers;
  • Ensure detailed documentation and record keeping for equipment that is uploaded into Asset Planner;
  • Develop, maintain and continuously improve the preventative maintenance programme based on data generated from Asset Planner (with a focus on improving efficiency and cost management);
  • Analyse performance and efficiency of existing equipment;
  • Predict expected service life of equipment and utilise external resources and specialists as needed and notifying management of discrepancies;
  • Provide the highest quality of service to customers at all times. 
Required Qualifications and Experience 
  • University or Vocational school diploma
  • Strong project management, organizational and communication skills
  • Facilities management experience preferred
  • Must be proficient with Microsoft Work, Excel, Power Point, Outlook
  • Capital project planning experience a plus
  • Strong command of English, Russian and Tajik.
How to Apply
Please send a cover letter, CV, and contact information for three references to by April 15th 2018. As your application e-mail subject, please write: “Maintenance Planner and Scheduler”.

Only shortlisted candidates will be contacted.

Administrative Assistant

Position: Administrative Assistant
Department: Administration, Operations
Duty station: Bishkek, Kyrgyz Republic
Deadline: 23 April 2018
Summary of the Position
Under the overall guidance and direct supervision of the Administration Manager, the Admin assistant provides services ensuring high quality and accuracy of work. The Admin assistant works in close collaboration with travelers and logistics in the UCA staff to exchange information and ensure consistent service delivery.

Main Duties and Responsibilities  
  • Assist staff with arranging appointments, meetings, and travel arrangements; 
  • Keep the office managers informed of public inquiries, perceptions, and satisfaction with CAO;
  • Assist in processing visa forms and obtaining visas from foreign embassies and MFA KG;
  • Conduct office-work with documentation, office supplies.
  • Assist with office maintenance
  • Preparing the release of payments and other financial documentation; 
  • Collecting payments and other transactions from the customers and maintaining the records pertaining to their travelling
  • Monthly checking the fixed assets and put new tags, if it’s needed;
  • Timely bills collecting for land line phones, Internet, fuel and other office utilities;
  • Responding to phone calls
  • Making arrangements for accommodation and reserving tickets for the travelers; 
  • Assisting in transportation arrangements in/out of country 
  • Prepare various letters to Ministries and other institutions;
  • Replace Admin staff when it necessary;
  • Other tasks relevant to the core responsibilities and duties of this position, as assigned by the supervisor.
Required Qualifications and Experience 
  • Higher education in relevant fields;
  • At least two years of hands on administrative support experience or relevant fields;
  • Knowledge of Kyrgyz, Russian and English languages;
  • Working knowledge of MS Office suite, MS Excel and MS Outlook, internet and email ware;
  • Excellent communication skills – written and verbal; 
  • Accuracy and attention to detail;
  • Demonstrate a high level of energy, enthusiasm, initiative, flexibility, motivation and commitment;
  • Ability to handle multiple tasks simultaneously in a fast-paced environment, set priorities, and work independently and in a team environment;
  • Professional oral and written communication skills;
  • Ability to identify and resolve problems in a timely manner, strong attention to detail;
  • Good knowledge of travel operations;
  • Proven ability to write clear reports;
Candidates from the founding countries of UCA i.e Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan and Kazakhstan are encouraged to apply for this position.

How to Apply
Please send a cover letter, CV, and contact information for three references to by April 23rd 2018. As your application e-mail subject, please write: “Administrative Assistant”.

Only shortlisted candidates will be contacted. 

Kazakhstan Student Recruiter

Position: Kazakhstan Student Recruiter 
Department: School of Arts and Sciences
Duty station: Tekeli, Kazakhstan (or homebased in Taldykorgan/Almaty)
Deadline: 14 May 2018
Summary of Position and Key Responsibilities
UCA is seeking a Student Recruiter in the School of Arts and Sciences who will assist in the design and implementation of the university's undergraduate programme student recruitment strategy. A major component of the role will be the coordination and delivery of visits to high schools across the rural areas of Kazakhstan. This is a hands-on recruitment position that will involve implementing student recruitment activities such as, but not limited to, an on-campus open house (both in Naryn and Khorog campuses), high school visits in Kazakhstan (if necessary in Kyrgyzstan and Tajikistan), information sessions in Kazakhstan (if necessary in Kyrgyzstan and Tajikistan), university fairs, pre-university upgrading programmes (summer and winter camps), online webinars, student and community engagement in all three Founding states and debates and other initiatives that will contribute to a greater number of applicants from Kazakhstan.

The information sessions will inform potential applicants, teachers, and parents with accurate information about all aspects of applying to and studying at UCA. The Student Recruiter will help raise UCA’s profile within the wider community including high school principals, teachers, students and their parents, and forge close relationships with potential feeder high schools across rural Kazakhstan. The Student Recruiter will also assist with logistics around admission exam and every stage of the admissions and financial aid. The Student Recruiter will be expected to work closely with every member of School of Arts and Sciences, especially the Registrar, and with all other UCA units, such as School of Professional and Continuing Education (SPCE), Graduate School of Development’s Institute of Public Policy and Administration and Mountain Societies Research Institute (IPPA, MSRI), Cultural Heritage and Humanities Unit (CHHU), Central Asian Faculty Development Programme (CAFDP), and Aga Khan Humanities Project (AKHP). 

  • Experience in higher education marketing, recruitment, and student recruitment and admissions at a senior level
  • Strong professional familiarity with the Kazakhstan secondary and post-secondary education landscape
  • Strong network of relationships with high school principals across Rural Kazakhstan 
  • Experience at building relationships with senior high school students and their parents
  • Experience managing academic related events
  • Experience in public speaking and presentation delivery 
  • Experience building and managing complex schedules, presentations, and travel 
  • Working with marketing to ensure promotional materials and online content and social networking content supports the recruitment effort 
  • Experience with financial aid processes at the university level
  • Strong interpersonal, presentation, and negotiation skills
  • Excellent oral and written communication skills
  • Strong operational and logistics management skills
  • Ability to work under pressure
  • Ability to work effectively with diverse teams
  • Ability to develop, plan, and implement short-term and long-term goals
  • Strong networking skills and ability to connect with individuals and audiences alike
  • Strong computer skills including Microsoft Word, Excel, and PowerPoint
  • Ability to design and maintain tracking of data related to student recruitment 
  • The position will be based in Tekeli (or homebased in Taldykorgan/Almaty), Kazakhstan however will require travel to Bishkek, Kyrgyz Republic. It is estimated that the Kazakhstan Student Recruiter will be in the field for at least 10 to 15 days per month, from October to June each year due to the nature of the recruitment cycle. Length and location of travel is subject to change.
  • Advanced English, Russian and Kazakh
  • Bachelor Degree from an accredited higher education institution
  • Graduate Degree in a relevant subject (Communications, Public Relations, Marketing, Higher Education, etc.)
The Kazakhstan Rural Student Recruiter will: 
  • Report to the Head of Student Recruitment
  • Work closely with the Student Recruitment and School of Arts and Sciences team
Salary and Package: Salary and package to attract the best candidate. The job description is subject to change.

How to Apply
Please send the resume and statement of purpose to by April 23rd 2018
As your application subject header, please use: “Kazakhstan Student Recruiter”. 

Only shortlisted candidates will be contacted.